Shell Stanlow

Shell Stanlow

May 11 2020

Shell's Stanlow refinery occupies nearly 8 km2 and ADC Acoustics was asked to carry out an extensive noise survey and assessment of the entire site.

The project was initially divided up into 6 large areas, all with their own challenges and all involving assessments at multiple levels to many tens of metres above ground. Many areas involved special safety training and many required intrinsically safe instrumentation for work in highly flammable environments. The whole process took several months to complete and was followed shortly by the project being extended to the Shell Haven and Bitumen plant in Essex.

About a year later ADC was asked to assess the acoustics of a new centralised control room. Previously the control rooms had all been separate but in the new stat of the art centre there was concern about the build-up of noise ad one section being disturbed by another. We were specifically asked to assess the existing noise and acoustics of the large centralised control room, the opinions of the occupants as to the levels and nature of the noise. Our recommendations covered sources and possible solutions including physical alterations to the acoustics, technical recommendations to the radio and sound systems, and behavioural recommendations (both in terms of noise generation and sensitivity to noise).