Planning and Licensing

Planning and Licensing

Planning and Licensing applications need to be carefully considered by the Local Authority.

Where noise is likely to be an issue, the normal way to proceed would be to begin by assessing the general conditions of the site or property and the surrounding area and to use this to assess a rigorous model of the impact of the proposed development. A mine field of assessment standards, some of them contradictory, needs to be appropriately applied to the situation, and all findings presented in a suitable form.

A period of negotiation may then follow, culminating in planning or licensing consent with acceptable conditions, or refusal (or consent with unacceptable conditions) and consideration of taking the proposal to a re-application or appeal.

All of ADC's consultants have a vast range of experience in dealing with Local Authorities, preparing noise evidence for applications and appeals, and giving evidence at public enquiries, licensing hearings and appeals at all levels.

ADC's services include the following:

  • Site surveys in accordance with appropriate standards such as NPPF, BS 8233, and many more.
  • Modelling noise impact, including sources such as industrial, energy, music, customers, smoking areas, mechanical services, deliveries, transportation, etc.
  • Preparation of reports, including detailed specification and design of mitigation and noise control.
  • Negotiation.
  • Preparation of Witness Statements, Proof of Evidence writing, etc.
  • Attendance at council meetings, public enquiries, licensing hearings, courts of all types.
  • Negotiated settlements, meetings of experts, conditions.

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