The commercial sector generally covers offices, shops and other non-industrial businesses such as warehousing and distribution. Restaurants, pubs and clubs are also commercial but are covered in our Leisure Industry sector page.

Office accommodation, be it new or refurbished, often comes with decisively set criteria for external noise break-in levels, mechanical services noise, and privacy.  Modern open plan offices, including office-like environments such as banks, counsel rooms and court rooms, often require an open plan ambience, while retaining reasonable levels of speech privacy between specific areas.  There is also the obvious requirement for reliable speech privacy between cellular offices, and isolation from noisier areas such as lifts, plant rooms, stairs and corridors.

Shops are not usually affected by external noise, but are often located near to residential accommodation and can have an impact by way of external equipment such as condensers, as well as deliveries, including refrigerated vehicles at unsocial hours.  All of these sources require modelling and, where necessary, controlling to acceptable levels.