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Working In A Variety Of Sectors

We work in all sectors of construction and property development including residential, hotels, schools and colleges, hospitals and healthcare, commercial, places of worship, leisure industry, etc.

We also work in the trouble shooting of noise and acoustic problems in existing development.

Industrial noise assessment and control covers occupational noise (or noise at work) and environmental noise nuisance, from conventional manufacturing industry to gas storage and from small workshops to major oil refineries.

Our services to the legal profession are second to none with a reputation for consistency, thorough preparation and confident and clear delivery of written and verbal evidence. Below are some of our main sectors.


This sector is closely linked with our Architectural/Building Acoustics services. We have a wealth of experience of work on construction projects of all sizes such as hotels, residential, schools, healthcare, commercial, entertainment, etc...

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Acoustic Shock

Acoustic Shock is entirely distinct from conventional Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). It is often confused with Acoustic Trauma which is also a form of conventional hearing loss, often produced by loud impulses, but without necessarily a "shock" value...

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Property Developers

This sector is similar to our Construction sector, but usually with more emphasis on front-end planning and site design.  It also involves representing the developer who may also be the future landlord or occupier, with different interests from that of the contractor...

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Legal Professions

ADC's senior consultants have worked with numerous solicitors and barristers over many years and for very varying projects, including Planning, Licensing, Nuisance, NIHL (Noise Induced Hearing Loss), Acoustic Shock, Acoustic Trauma, Property, Criminal, etc...

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Residential development is a large part of our Architectural Acoustics and Building Acoustics work.  It covers conventional dwellings such has Houses and Apartments, but also Hotels, Student Accommodation, Homes for Multiple Occupation (HMO), Care Homes, etc...

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Leisure Industry

Restaurants, theatres, cinemas, pubs and clubs, as well as places of worship, form a large part of our work from Planning and Licensing, though construction to pre-completion testing, as well as the assessment and control of alleged nuisance...

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Schools and Colleges

The acoustic properties of teaching areas such as classrooms and lecture theatres, as well as associated areas such as music rooms, multi-use halls and gyms, have been an ever more prominent feature of school design over recent years...

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Healthcare presents a unique set of challenges for the acoustic consultant, with conflicting needs such as numerous sources of noise generation and the need for quiet conditions, the need for acoustic absorption and the need for cleanable surfaces...

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Industrial noise or noise of an industrial nature is primarily concerned with Environmental Noise (the assessment and control of an alleged noise nuisance) and Occupational Noise or Noise at Work (the assessment and control of workplace noise)...

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Local Authorities

We regularly work with local authorities, often where specialist and independent advice is required, such as planning or licensing appeals and nuisance actions. We always try to strike a balance between thoroughness and working within reasonable budgets...

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The commercial sector generally covers offices, shops and other non-industrial businesses such as warehousing and distribution. Restaurants, pubs and clubs are also commercial but are covered in our Leisure Industry sector page...

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